What is the Age Limit?
Solo - 16+
Under 18's

Do I ever have to sing live?
No. All performances are pre-recorded.

Once I enter, when do I find out if I am though to round 2?
Although round 2 does not start until the end of July 2022, you may be notified of the judges decisions regarding your entry before this date, so be sure to keep checking your email.

​How is the Final streamed live given all performances are pre-recorded?
We will collate the performance videos and edit a feature length show including inserts from our host and judges. Contestants will never have to perform live. Whilst the whole process will be pre-recorded, the stream will be live with viewers able to watch the performance unfold at the same time. 

Can I have someone accompany me with an instrument?
No, only performers are permitted to play a live instrument. ​

What is the skill level?
This competition is open for all skill levels and vocal styles, and for all unsigned artists.

What should I sing?
You may sing any style that you are most comfortable with. It must not contain explicit language, and should be appropriate for the age range of your division.

Can I sing an original?
Yes, we love to hear original work!

Where do I apply?

When do I submit my first video?
You must add this link when entering the competition.

Can the music have backing vocals?
The backing track is permitted to have backing vocals if it does not distract from the soloist.

I've won a previous year, can I re-enter?
Previous winners can re-enter the competition, but not in the same category.

Is there a time limit?
Yes, your song should be below 8 minutes.

Can I sing acapella (without music)?
No. Must be with a backing track, or you’re singing with your own instrument.

Can I get a refund?
No. Once you have submitted your application it will be sent off to the judges to critique. We do not take any responsibility for videos that do not follow the competition rules, and are not accessible due to privacy restrictions or incorrect URL links.

Do I get to see the feedback and scores?
No.  There are just too many entrants to give individual feedback to everyone.

How can we access the live grand final stream?
The stream is free to watch. The time of your performance and the link will be sent to you a few days prior to the stream. This will be open to the public to watch, and streamed on our YouTube Channel.

Can I post my video online before each round / final?
No, you will be disqualified if we find this. You’re welcome to post your video on your social media accounts at least 7 after the live stream. Otherwise we recommend you share the online link, and tag the time at which you perform.

Can I upload an old video?
ONLY for the entrance / first round. Subsequent videos must be recorded specifically for this competition

When will the judges see my video?
The judges will critique the performance in their own time.

Can I have friends and family in the video / or an audience?
You cannot have a live audience when filming, however you’re allowed one person to operate the camera if

How/when will I find out if I have made it to the next round/final?
We will notify you by email and also via our social media outlets.