Professional music industry judges, singers, producers and experienced experts are at every stage of the competition from the auditions to the Grand Final.

There will be a judging criteria for all rounds, which include; 

Official Judging Criteria

1. VOCAL (50%)
Vocal Technique – Tone Quality, Breath Support, Intonation, Diction and Articulation
Rhythm & Tempo – Voice in relation to music

Performance – How well the performer is able to express the meaning and mood of the song

Show Design – Music Selection, Effective use of Stage and Performance Area, Outfit and style
Entertainment Value – The  judges’ reaction to the overall performance

Filming and Shooting Videos & Audio Information

  • You may sing in any language
  • You can shoot your video indoors, outdoors, home, wherever… Just remember that your singing performance has to be the main thing in the video.
  • You may use a microphone or you may also sing straight in the camera’s mic.
  • You may use a mixer, compressor, EQ, reverb etc. as long as the vocal performance is live.
  • The video has to be one shot and no editing is allowed.
  • The video has to be shot only after you have received these instructions and it must not be published anywhere before this competition
  • No editing of the sound or lip syncing - we have the technology to verify this! 
  • We has the right to disqualify a video if we find it has been edited in any way and we have the technical means to check.
  • The max length of a video is 8 minutes.
  • The max size of one video is 500 mb.
  • All videos must be shot from the front so that your fact is visible. The singer has to be visible through the whole video. 
  • Shot from close enough so that you can be seen and heard well
  • Shot from enough distance so that the music can also be heard in case you’re singing straight in your camera

The video must NOT include

  • other people
  • any kind of brands, logos etc
  • any kind of messages that can be interpreted as offensive
  • anything you do not have permission to include
  • band entries must have the permission of all members